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Jun. 7, 2014
Healing the Heart Workshop with a Peruvian Shaman
Don Roberto Flores Solis
Healing the Heart with the Wisdom of the Andes…
An Experiential Workshop from the Sacred ValleRoberto Flores Solis was born and raised in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, Cusco, Peru; a magical place with ancient buildings, surrounded by beautiful mountains… where it is said that you can hear the heartbeat of Mother Earth.
He met his first Chacaruna Maestro, Victor Estrada Cervantes in the practice and use of the Cosmic Medicine of Apu Wachuma or San Pedrito. The Elixir of San Pedrito obtains Transformation and Transmutation, using the electromagnetic forces of the eternal and infinite substance named Pach, in its infinite manifestations in macro and micro and in all dimensions of the visible and invisible worlds, mainly through the K’uychi (Rainbow) which represents the wide use of the seven powers of God.
Awakening to the Superior Consciousness in the practice of Absolute Love, and is the Sacred Work of the Divine Plan for the Pachamama and this is to live in Unconditional Love, awaking all senses from intuition, telepathy, learning to live with faith, in gratitude, reverence and humility, peace and happiness… and connecting to the parallel worlds of self-healing, self-knowledge and self-realisation.
Roberto also studied and became friends with Maestro Edison Panduro Rumayna, natural doctor of sacred plants such as the Cosmic Medicine of the Grand Mother Ayahuasca, going deeper into the Sacred Work with Unconditional Love.
Roberto now develops programs to begin the awakening of the consciousness or to experience higher states of consciousness in parallel dimensions in the Sacred Spaces, these are the Fields of Power of great magnetism and spiritual strength for the New Era.
He also carries out: Ancestral Rituals, Reconnection with the Sacred Nature, Recovery of Self-esteem, and Equilibrium of the Seven Solar Plexus of the Seven Bodies and Harmonisation of the Three Fundamental Bodies.
He calls himself a Chacaruna, an Incan term, which means “bridge person”. A Chacaruna is the one who helps others to cross from one state of consciousness to other states of consciousness; from the mind to the heart; from the present to the past or to the future. A Chacaruna is always exploring reality in order to connect with the beauty and perfection of creation. A Chacaruna helps people connect to the spirit world and can walk between the upper, middle and lower worlds.
Each and every Workshop that Roberto facilitates takes on a unique and magical format of its own which may include fire ceremony and despacho. He also performs ceremonies to Pachamama, Mother Earth (Despachos). Roberto gives talks, and teachings of the Cosmo vision from the Andes and teaches the practice of Ancestral Alchemy from the Andes using the 4 elements.
As an addition to the Workshop, Roberto can facilitate self-healing on a one to one, or to a couple; to harmonise physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies… bringing harmony, balance, happiness, abundance and physical health. (60 Euros, 1-2 hours). These healing sessions are pre-booked with Julie, very limited spaces left.
To become part of this amazing workshop, here are the details for Bookings and Registration:
Workshop 7th June 2014 (1145pm Registration) 12pm – 6pm
Location: Murphy’s Barn, Skeeter Park, Cleariestown, Co Wexford.
Workshop Price: €50.00 per person
Please bring with you lunch; hot drinks and biscuits will be provided.
You will also need something to sit on the floor with.
Email Julie for booking and details (places are filling fast): dollmanjulie@yahoo.com
A Non Refundable Deposit of €25 secures your place, payable by a PayPal Invoice or a cheque.
Mother, Sister Jaguar, Otorongo... Following her lead of taking it easy as we begin 2013. Wishing you all an abundant and joyful new year. xx

Welcome to Truth Serum's Blog

Truth Serum is a blog site attached to Ayni Shamanic Practitioners and Shamans Store. Truth Serum will share thoughts and teachings from Jules Dolmen Master Shaman. My wish is to reconnect our souls with our divinity.... in order that we can remember why we are here, where we may have come from and for what purpose. My aim is to share higher teachings that we have long forgotten about. These are not religious teachings by any means, as that would infer that I subscibe to the way humanity has manipulated the stories of the great teachers who have come to help us. On the contrary, my purpose is to take us all beyond the probable out towards the possible. I have an inherent belief in the fight between the light and the dark, or maybe you would rather the fight between love and suppression! I am writing my second book at the moment and as you may have guessed, it is entitled: Truth Serum, Shamanic Cosmology, Myths and Higher Teachings. If you are intrigued... then keep reading... If you feel it is not for you, then I offer love, light and compassion... ah hoh.

Ayni Shamanic Healing Introduces

May. 12, 2013
Spirit Heart & Soul Healing Support Range
I have been creating magical alchemy to help support your intention to self heal. When I create a sacred space for healing I have the intention to facilitate my clients own ability to self heal. I ask my clients to hold a strong belief system in their hearts that they can become well again using their own ability to promote self healing. My new Spirit heart range has been born out of that intention. My products are all natural and based around some very ancient recipes. The Spirit Heart and Soul range is a range of specifically blended oils, incenses and a touch-wood amulet for an alchemical transformation of healing requirements... I offer, A Definitive Forgiveness Oil, An Oil to Dispel Negativity & Sorcery, A Fertility Seed Oil, A Healing Support Oil and a Sacred Blessing Oil (for the wedding night, tantric couples and New lovers... There is also a TruthSayer hand-crafted Triple Spiral touch-wood amulet crafted out of the sacred Holy Palo Santo. Stay tuned as the new range is launched and offered for sale. I will also supply the oils trade and to specific healers and tantric masters.
Mar. 9, 2013
We are a species who have become separated from the Divine Source. We have forgotten why we are here and what we came here to do. As we shift into a new paradigm we are called to ready ourselves for a new type of body. A shift from the double stranded DNA to a 12 stranded light filament, a body which will live and age differently We are a human species who have become embroiled in a fear and chaotic paradigm, our emotions and experiences have produced a body and mind which seeks to self medicate and serves only to feed itself using stress and anxiety as an enabler. The Gold Activation Process is the key to open the door towards the magical process of illumination and possibility... It is the answer to why we walk in the wilderness, seeking external activities to fill our inner voids... A light to illuminate the proverbial black hole of our confusion. This process will call you, as it has already called certain individuals who innately know that they are here to be in service and that they have a mission to fulfil. This process is an alchemical transformation and if undertaken is a process which must be completed in its three stages of activation... If you are called, then I cordially invite you to accept what it is you have been assigned to complete...
Ignite the Gold of your becoming... Illuminate the light that is KNOWLEDGE... Remember the truth of why you are here!
Jan. 1, 2013
Its 2013... and time to sign up and step up by agreeing that its time to let go of all those old wounds and stories which define you. Your soul has requested this life experience and had possibly had many experiences by now. If you are carrying a density within your cells and DNA, isn't it time to heal the past and walk lightly into the future? Shamanic healing is a journey that unravels the old patterns and old belief systems that we carry, like heavy baggage on our shoulders. The feeling of freedom clarity and bliss one feels when clear of the old wounds is wonderful. Why not make an appointment with me (Julie Master Shaman) today... give yourself a new years gift, by making a new contract, one which promises to free yourself from the affinity of negative experiences. email me at info@ayni.uk.com xx
Healing in person available in Co Wexford Ireland, or via Distance Healing Sessions.
Oct. 1, 2012
We are in a time of great change and transformation. Those of you who are called to seek spiritual or personal enlightenment, know that changes are happening both globally and personally.
Many of us find that the modern world can sometimes swamp our natural ability to enjoy ‘Right relationship’ (A deeper connection to the Earth, other people and ourselves).
The Munay Ki Rites are both ancient and transformational, by receiving them our own individual process of healing begins as we find a much needed and longed for reconnection to the Divine. Our soul purpose comes into alignment with our physical reality and we enter a vibrational shift where magic can happen.
The Rites are transmitted gently and beautifully and there are nine in total. if you would like to experience having them transmitted in a personal ceremony, then let me know... Cost €100 includes ongoing mentoring and support.
"The Munay Ki... Aligns the self to the future by rebuilding the DNA"
Sep. 12, 2012
Time to shed the past like Serpent sheds her skin
One of my teachers, Dr Alberto Villoldo of the Four Winds Society, explains…
“It is important to differentiate between healing and curing. Curing is the business of medicine and has to do with eliminating symptoms. A cure will seldom ever result in a healing. Healing is a different concept. Healing works on four levels: the energetic; the mythic (the level of the soul); the psychological, where you can test out new beliefs; and the literal, where you can test out new behaviors, new diets, new yoga practices, new exercise routines.
We all know people who have been cured but who haven’t been healed; they’ve had the tumor removed or worked through their mother issues, but they haven’t changed their diet or eliminated the stressors of life. Generally their symptoms will come back — six months, or a year, or six years later”.

When you start your healing journey you are supported every step of the way. Every appointment with me will take a look at the wounds and experiences which has bound us in our old or limiting belief system. These are the traits that stick within our energy fields and eventually our physical or mental bodies. This may eventually cause sadness, anxiety or depression; or they are the emotions that propel us towards addictive substances and behaviours. Allow me to help you shed the past that no longer serves you. Call and make your appointment today with a Master Shaman. I offer appointments, intensive healing days and distance healing... phone Jules on 00353 830044014
Ho! & Munay
Spirit Heart xx

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Sandra Mcinerney | Reply 08.06.2014 17.19

Jules, thank you so much for Saturday. I was so blessed to be with so many beautiful people. I now know that my healing has begun.

Blessings Sandra xxx

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Love the information and sharing~

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08.06 | 17:19

Jules, thank you so much for Saturday. I was so blessed to be with so many beautiful people. I now know that my healing has begun.

Blessings Sandra xxx

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